A less painful local testing set up in Codeception 04

Setup command good enough.

Codeception 1.11.0 out

I’ve pushed a new version of wp-browser to GitHub, version 1.11.0.
Beside some fixes here and there the release includes the additional commands defined in the codeception-setup-local and that will be available in version 2.2 of Codeception and hence available as additional commands on the codecept CLI tool.
For the time being I’ve shimmed the commands on wp-browser own CLI tool: wpcept.

Setup, database snapshot, search and replace

Since the wpcept command merely wraps those the best place to start is the lucatume/codeception-setup-local documentation.
As a pitch some example are:

wpcept db:snapshot issue-44555
wpcept setup:scaffold
wpcept search-replace http://dist.jenkins.dev http://local.dev ./tests/_data/issue-44555.dist.sql ./tests/_data/issue-44555.sql
wpcept setup

I’ve gone into details and some flow examples in previous articles and will dedicate a post to a plausible user story next.