Almost back from WCEU 2014

I’ve still not touched home ground on my way back from WordCamp Europe 2014 (aka “WCEU”) but still am trying to make a balance of it.
Last year edition changed my developer life giving “showing me a world” and laid the base for what I’ve done.
Beside the atmosphere the feeling is to be “where things happen” and the sheer amount of ideas and actionable information I’m taking home is immense. Some among the most notable have been:

  • Inside Underscores by Konstantin Obenland - I’ve never used a starter theme or a parent theme but the talk was amazing and put me into the “I should try this mindset”.
  • Functional Programming: what’s the fuss all about? by Stefan Kanev - while sticking to PHP 5.2 does pose some limits when it comes to telling the code “what to do” in place of “how to do it” the talk inspired me to make a general review of my code. Which I found lacking.
  • A modern take on interactive prototyping by Karin Christen - this was amazing. I’m willing to try on the client project at hand. She showed a prototyping workflow based on front-end frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap and the Vue.js library. Eye opening and in the “thank you so much for sharing” league.
  • The devastating power of defaults by Joost de Valk - inspiring talk as his last year “Tragedy of the commons” talk (I still remember it) was. It’s good and valuable advice for a plugin developer coming from someone that’s got stats and a huge user base on his side, a clear mind and a theatrical gift.

All in all a great time and money investment well worth it. Even just to meet so much people better than I am at this trade.