Dependency injection containers in WordPress 01

During the holiday break I’ve looked into dependency injection containers out of a certain interest but finding one working with WordPress minimum requirements is hard.

PHP 5.2

Almost all of my work happens in WordPress and this means I have to stick to its minimum requirements almost all the time.
I use dependency injection in my code to keep it testable but that prevents almost any static based magic from happening; sure I can set some static properties of the class but that makes it stateful and defeats the purpose of a static object altogether: it’s just a typing shortcut from

$object = new Object('one', 'two');


// defaults $one and $two values

// need different $one and $two
Object::set('one', 'anotherOne');
Object::set('two', 'anotherTwo');


which works but the extensibility of the class due to lack of late static binding is little to none and convolute.


The anti-pattern. Fact is that for costly operations it makes sense to have one instance of a class and calls like this are convenient if the code is scattered throughout files


This if the instance method needs no arguments which means no dependency injection which means strong coupling, low maintainability and extensibility.


I’ve found a PHP 5.2 compatible dependency injection container and will be looking into it and how it could play along with WordPress plugins or themes. I’ve took a break from the wp-schedule project to see what I could do better in it (err… factories…) and, maybe, add another tool to the flow.