So I handed you a business card

Either I gave you a business card or you have randomly typed paths and ended up here.

If the latter is true, kudos.

What I cannot do for you

Any good relation starts with boundaries so here are some things I cannot do for you:

  • Themes – I’m not a full-stack developer; I specialize in back-end work and that’s what I like to do. I can do full-stack development but would rather not. I will gladly work in tandem with other front-end developers.
  • Content insertion or update – as above I lay out the infrastructure for the content, not the content itself.
  • Work on half-baked projects – I will not work on half-made code that is not working and is not testable. I’m happy to work on testable, stable and working code though.
  • Work on poorly scoped, or not scoped at all, projects – I have to understand how you expect what I develop to behave; if you cannot provide that to me in a way that I can understand we’ll both be confused and unsatisfied of each other.
  • Work as an employee – I’m a freelance for a reason; I commit to a due date and budget and will manage my time as I see fit. You are not my only client.

What I can do for you

The developer in me would like to tell you “the inverse of what I cannot do for you” but that would be lazy so here is a list:

  • Build properly scoped WordPress plugins from scratch – I will do that using test-driven development and leave all the code I produce.
  • Iterate on already existing WordPress plugins to add new, properly scoped, features – as above, if tests are not in place already my first action will always be to set up tests.
  • Set up tests for an existing WordPress based application, be it a plugin, theme or site – I will do that using Codeception and wp-browser as those are the technologies I know best. Add a sprinkle of CI to that. I will modify/update the application code if needed to make it testable. I can work with pretty much all the PHP testing framework I can think of.
  • Code review and update your code from a testability point of view – I’ve worked, at various titles, on different WordPress applications and I can help you improve your code quality and testability.
  • Train you or your collaborators to apply test-driven development techniques in the context of WordPress code using Codeceptionwp-browser or PhpUnit. I can do workshops, 1-on-1; usually remote but if I have to come to you we can talk about it.

What’s my hourly fee?

It’s 60€/h plus taxes or 70$/h plus taxes (usually none if you are from the US) for any service I provide.

Double that if I have to work on a tight deadline.

Am I any good?

I’m the creator of wp-browser, a set of Codeception modules to make WordPress testing at any level possible, and collaborated with many WordPress projects. Have a look at my GitHub profile to have an idea.

I’m, by no means, the best developer I can think of but I’m not the worst either.

Do you still want to talk business?

Send me an email and let me know what you need and who you are, we can move on from there.