I like Codeception

After a course by Jeffrey Way about Codeception and modern PHP testing I simply fell in love with it.

Comes via Composer

Simply put the easier way to set up Codeception, or rather have Codeception setup for you is via Composer.
Once Composer is installed, and Composer installation on Mac and Unix systems in general is a breeze, simply creating a composer.json file in the project folder will serve you a full, local-to-the-project, installation of Codeception.

No more installing stuff

Once Codeception is installed I am able to use its many generation commands to create test suites for unit, integration and acceptance testing. Codeception takes care of it without a problem.
No more installing PHPUnit and other pre-requisites for PHP testing around and messing with Selenium, Mink or Goutte for a web-driver installation: on my main Mac machine Codeception run out-of-the-box.
See Codeception site for guides and tutorials.

A small PHPUnit problem

As detailed in this GitHub issue Codeception will not run, actually, the PHPUnit setUpBeforeClasss and tearDownAfterClass methods and this proved a problem while trying to run my written-for-PHPUnit tests into Codeception.
At the moment the issue is not resolved but it will only affect tests written for PHPUnit and imported into Codeception: I worked into Codeception, using the test suite in place of the phpunit one, for the last two weeks and it’s really a boost for my TDD workflow.