Intercooler.js WordPress plugin

A ready to use WordPress plugin for a BE-friendly JS lib.


I’m more of a back-end guy then I am a front-end one.
This means the approach intercooler.js takes to AJAX falls graciously in my preferred flow.
Being able to specify the expected AJAX interaction and result in the markup code using attributes is one benefit, expecting valid HTML markup in return from the requests is another.
When non working full-stack and only taking on the back-end part of larger projects the line between my work and someone’s else is drawn where the front-end comes into play.
This means I spend most of my time working on PHP code rather than JavaScript and I do in a WordPress environment.
WordPress packs amazing back-end code and support and the usual flow of any AJAX-powered page, or site, is to render the initial state using PHP and render any later interactions that cause that content to change using JavaScript and some templating engine.
While that’s totally legit and an approach proven worthy intercooler.js moves the burden of content rendering and templating back into PHP for later interactions too.

A plugin

I’ve packed the library in a WordPress plugin to be able to use and access it in my projects.
It comes ready to use and experiment.