ppplan updated for better OmniFocus export

I’ve been an OmniFocus user for years and as much as I enjoy Taskpaper that’s still my workhorse of choice.

The problem

I’ve used ppplan a lot and have run into the need to break down a project totally unrelated to software development, this means that it will end up in OmniFocus; re-writing the tasks by hand is not an option and I’ve run into RobTrew script to import Taskpaper tasks to OmniFocus.
Reading through the readme file the tag I absolutely want exported to OmniFocus is the @mins one tagging the task duration: ppplan lacked that possibility and so I’ve gone and implemented it.

The solution and a workflow

Using the --estimateTag mins command option like

ppplan --estimateTag mins --outputUnit minute

will allow me to have my list, once saved in the .taskpaper format, tag tasks duration like

- do something @mins(30)

and after copying the task list Selecting tasks in Taskpaper I can just launch the little script and have them imported to OmniFocus, marvel. The script import dialog Imported task in OmniFocus Inbox