TodoMVC with WordPress and intercooler.js

First steps into an intercooler.js and WordPress to-do app.


I’ve used with satisfaction the TodoMVC site and found the idea brilliant: given the same functions and UI see how different JavaScript libraries solve the problem.
The original idea is not mine, the graphic is not mine and I’m merely trying to solve the same problem for the sake of it and the knowledge involved.

WordPress and intercooler.js

I’ve written about intercooler.js in an earlier post and released a WordPress plugin to be able to use it in my projects.
Along with that I’ve also implemented a solution for an alternative solution to routing in WordPress, once again a plugin.
Using those two plugins and a theme I will try to implement any function any other library displayed on TodoMVC implements and see if I can make it (not a certainty) and if it’s viable.

A theme base

I’ve played around with the apps on TodoMVC to find out functions and implementations and made a first step in the direction of making something that works in a way scaffolding a base theme that I’ve pushed on GitHub.
The version current at the time of this post is nothing more then a mimic of the look of the app.
I’ve taken the time to modify some relevant links and to emulate the looks.
The “feels” are not there yet.


I’m in no rush to do this and will take my time to catch the low hanging fruits this technical solution will allow me to take to move to the “harder stuff” later.