WP Browser 1.6.19

Where I clean up some mess and bring peace in modules.

Better neighbourhood

I’ve updated wp-browser, an extension to Codeception aimed at making TDD an attainable reality in WordPress, to version 1.6.19.
Little has changed under the hood really and I’m just revisiting the code that’s part of my daily work to add sugar features here and there.
The WP Loader module, a wrapper around WordPress automated testing suite, to better handle relations with other modules; *Db modules especially.
The wpcept bootstrap, and its wpcept bootstrap:pyramid variant version, would scaffold the functional suite to use WP Loader and WPDb: the combination would prevent the former from properly working since the latter was cutting the database under its feet.
I’ve removed the WPDb module from default functional suite scaffolding and added helping exception messages should the conflict present itself. WP Loader conflicting with WPDb