Check if plugin installed function

I’ve shown, in a previous post, a function to check if a plugin is installed and have thought to extrapolate and de-contextualize it for my future usage

 * Checks if a WordPress plugin is installed.
 * @param  string  $pluginTitle The plugin title (e.g. "My Plugin")
 * @return string/boolean       The plugin file/folder relative to the plugins folder path (e.g. "my-plugin/my-plugin.php") or false
function is_plugin_installed($pluginTitle)
    // get all the plugins
    $installedPlugins = get_plugins();

    foreach ($installedPlugins as $installedPlugin => $data) {

        // check for the plugin title
        if ($data['Title'] == $pluginTitle) {

            // return the plugin folder/file
            return $installedPlugin;

    return false;

I’ve created a gist to make the function an easy grab.