Chronicles of a build - the theme framework 13

I’ve worked to my mVC framework and was able to run the first integration test today.
I will write more about it in the days to come but, in its actual incarnation, the framework allows calls like

new ViewControllers()->createInstance('SomeView')->renderAndShow();

or, in a less fluent use case,

$viewControllers = new ViewControllers();

where the underlying filesystem organization is

|   \- controllers
|   |   \- SomeViewController.php

What’s under the hood

The core code will take care of placing the ViewControllers class, actually a factory, and the controllers both filesystem and namespace-wise allowing the view controller factory to be wholly defined by

namespace Some\Namespace;

class ViewControllers extends \TAD\MVC\Factories\ViewControllerFactory

and the class defining a view controller to be contained in

namespace Some\Namespace\controllers;

class HelloWorldViewController extends \TAD\MVC\Controllers\ViewController
    public function render($args = null)
        return 'hello world';

Currently not a plugin

I will release the libraries, and the frameworks along, as a WordPress plugin I, and anyone willing, will be able to use in any WordPress project. Sadly right now the framework is not packed like that and still need some hacking to use.