Content Restriction Plugin 09

A stable enough version of the content restriction framework to build on it.

A first full circle version

I’ve just pushed version 0.0.6 of the plugin to GitHub and have a good test coverage on it.
The plugin sports no UI at the moment and is meant to be just a framework for content restriction: a developer tool and not a user tool (again see Restrict Content Pro if looking for a user accessible solution).


The base in place I will implement the first extension for it implementing a simple user role based access restriction: something along the lines

Allow access to this post to users with the X, Y, Z roles only.

While simple in mechanic I need to leave the speculation realm of the framework and move into the reality based realm of something an user will be able to use; the framework allows for testable and object-oriented code to be written to extend it (the filter-based solution remains available though) and I’m willing to walk the TDD road to do it.