Content Restriction Plugin 11

Onward with the content restriction framework.

No new sites

I’ve been using the Restricted Content framework plugin in two projects now and, if used from the start, it works fine.
The problem the plugin/framework currently has is that any existing post (whatever the post_type) would require the manual setting of at least one restriction term for each restricting taxonomy to show up on the site.
That’s clearly a show stopper on any site that’s not freshly installed.


The not casual development of the tad-reschedule utility plugin will allow me to implement a system that should scan the site for posts that do not have any restriction term applied and apply the default one.
I will begin developing the function from the end walking backward. While the details are still foggy I’d like to implement a worker-like approach to it that’s either running on some WordPress hook or on a cron schedule.


I will define the desired approach to the worker and code backward (in a TDD fashion) from it.