Developing a plugin using DI and TDD 18

Wrapping up the first complete DI injection experiment.

What was this about?

This post is the last in a series devoted to the development of a simple votes plugin using dependency injection and test-driven development.
The post alone might not be of great interest without a peek at the plugin code and probably a skim over the first post in the series and the following ones.

“I’d like this” released

I’ve pushed version 1.0.0 of the “I’d like this” plugin to GitHub.
The enabling tool was, in PHP 5.2 environment, the DI52 library and, on the test side, the wp-browser add-on for Codeception. This will be, for the time being, my go-to example of how I’d like a PHP 5.2 compatible plugin to be developed using dependency injection and TDD.
The plugin per se is not unique or incredible but I’ve tried to touch base on a reasonable number of WordPress APIs and mechanics all the while exploring the REST API infrastructure introduced in version 4.4 of WordPress and the use of webpack and Backbone.