Disabling PHP Code Sniffer plugin for test files in Sublime Text

Although I like Sublime PHP Code Sniffer Sublime Text plugin I do not want and am not interested in getting my testing classes up to the PSR coding standards. Or whatever standard for that matter.
Luckily the plugin comes with an option to whitelist and blacklist file extensions to parse.
The first option is controlled with the "extensions_to_execute" and this will control which file extensions the plugin will run on.

Excluding test files

The problem is that all my test files will stick to the SomeClassTest.php conventions, I usually generate them using codeception, and will then trigger the check finding them lacking in many ways.
The plugin comes with the option to disable the check completely but a better option exists.
[caption id=“attachment_537” align=“aligncenter” width=“1024”]Disable PHP Code Sniffer check Disable PHP Code Sniffer check[/caption] Although the plugin lists the options under the "extensions_to_blacklist" name I suppose the associated value will be parsed via a regex since, sticking to the test files naming convention above, the following value will prevent the plugin from running

// Do we need to blacklist any sub extensions from extensions_to_execute
// An example would be ["twig.php"]
"extensions_to_blacklist": ["Test.php"],