Etsy sync WordPress plugin 11

Listings retriever step done for the Etsy WordPress plugin.

Not a big but an important step

I’ve implemented the few tests, two, needed to verify the behaviour of the ELH_ListingsRetriever class; that’s responsible of the retrieval of the listings for each shop and is just one of the steps required to complete the main goal of Etsy Little Helper: a one way synchronization of a user shops and listings through the use of the Etsy API.

The other chain rings

Since I’ve decided to model the synchronization using a chain or responsibility made of distinct and interlocked steps I’m still lagging behind in the development of the steps that are before, between and after the two requesting ones. While I’ve covered the request of a user shops and the request for a shop listings the whole processing/syncing part is missing.

On GitHub

I’ve tagged the current state of the project 0.1.0dev7 and pushed to GitHub.


It’s time for some data manipulation.