Headway Themes block grunt-init template

I’ve created an Headway Themes block template that can be used with grunt-init to jumpstart blocks development.
The template is really a modification of 10up WordPress plugin template that I’ve adapted to the specific use.
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Why go with blocks?

While I love the possibility Headway Themes leaves to use custom code blocks, and I’ve leveraged them until now, I find it very hard to support them; furthermore copying and pasting from one site to another for quick solutions feels like a very bad mockery of the DRY principle.
While creating blocks adds a little overhead to the development doing that in an orderly fashion, read using object-oriented practices, sure make code cleaner and more reusable; the usual object-oriented programming advocacy jargon.

Using it

The included README tells it all and what remains to do is just to implement whatever business logic the code requires into Block.php and its options into BlockOptions.php.