Multiple images upload Theme Customizer control – 06

After giving the theme user the possibility to sort the selected images in a drag and drop way it’s time to refine the little graphical and behavioural glitches the control might have.

It’s done

While I still need to polish the PHP code of the data-something littering I’ve consolidated the code into the MultiImageControl object to avoid global pollution and tried to make the script as compact as possible.
While I can very well think of many possible refinements and refactoring I can very well say the functions, those offered to the users, are fulfilled.

The control in action

Here’s a video of the control doing its thing

I’ve implemented the possibility to select the images one by one and to remove them either via the Remove button [caption id=“attachment_801” align=“aligncenter” width=“242”]A very smart label A very smart label[/caption] or via an handy icon, sporting the unmistakable “X”, that will allow cherry-picking the images to remove.

Code on GitHub

The control, along with other seemingly useful things, is on GitHub.