Route Pages getting minimal

Back to work on my Route Pages plugin I’ve been working to port the core of the WordPress plugin, the wp-routing Composer package, to PHP 5.2.
Following along the line drawn in previous posts (a Vagrant PHP 5.2 box, the ability to lint PHP 5.2 code with it and so on) I’m trying to make all the code I might happen to publish as non client-specific compatible with WordPress minimum requirements and the Route Pages plugin will fall into that category.

Next is testing and a Request

I will be refactoring the tests to stick with the new classes and re-add to the package a Request class; version 1.x of the package did came with a version of illuminate\http package modified to run with WordPress and WP Router, leaving PHP 5.3 behind means leaving all that goodness and trying to find an alternative (spoiler: I think I found it already).