Search and replace - spaces before and after control structures

Again struggling to bring my code up to PSR2 coding standards I’ve run into another little typing glitch PHP Code Sniffer Fixer will not fix: there should be one white spaces before and after control structures.
So this code

if($a === $b) {
}elseif($a > $b) {
    BazClass::bar($arg2, $arg3);

should be

if ($a === $b) {
} elseif ($a > $b) {
} else {
    BazClass::bar($arg2, $arg3);

I’m looking for this string

[^\S\n]*(if|else|elseif|else if|while|do-while|for|foreach|switch|declare|return|include|require|require_once|include_once)[^\S\n]*

and will replace with


Double negation

I came across this tip on stackoverflow and it really shines in picking up spaces but not newlines chars:

That is, not-not-whitespace or not-newline. Distributing the outer not (i.e., the complementing ^ in the character class) with De Morgan's law, this is equivalent to “whitespace and not newline,”

And tabs? Those should not be there according to PSR2 standards, 4 spaces should be used instead.