Testify plugin for Sublime Text video

I’ve added auto indentation to the plugin output to avoid having to do it manually and uploaded a video to show its usage.
The plugin is still in an early development stage but in its short life span, almost 24 hours now, has already spared me much time.
The plugin is available on GitHub.

What it does and why

I develop using Test-driven development methods, probably not the whole methodology though, and really got bored sick of having to type long test methods names each time. The plugin really was born to scratch an itch (borrowing the concept here but I think it applies) and, until now, did scratch it.
Long form natural language test assertions like

add object will throw when passing non string key parameter

will be transformed into

public function testAddObjectWillThrowWhenPassingNonStringKeyParameter()
    $this->markTestIncomplete('This test has not been implemented yet.');

here’s a video of the plugin in action.

Next feature is for data providers

Next step is to embed some kind of tagging system to allow sentences like

method will invoke outputter output when passed @dp bad string argument@

to be transformed into

public function badStringArgumentProvider(){
    return array(
        // some bad string arguments
 *@dataProvider badStringArgumentProvider
public function testWillInvokeOutputterOutuputWhenPassedBadStringArgument($badStringArgument)
    $this->markTestIncomplete('This test has not been implemented yet.');