WordPress cookie cutter

Another small step toward more precise WordPress cookie handling in CodeCeption tests.

The need

I’d like to be able to set up a common shared fixture in cest format Codeception tests to avoid code duplication and side effects.
Codeception allows for methods to be run before any other method in the class

 * @beforeClass
public static function myRunOnceCommonInit(Tester $I){

and after any test method in the class did run

 * @afterClass
public static function myRunOnceCommonClosing(Tester $I){

Grabbing and setting up WordPress auth cookies here, or any auth cookie for the matter, would allow test methods to focus on a realistic user interaction without repeating the

$I->loginAs('name', 'password');

step in each test method or before each test method in the _before method.

One step forward

I’ve pushed version 1.5.7 of WP Browser to GitHub and have added WordPress specific methods to grab the auth cookies:

$I->grabWordPressTestCookie($pattern = null);

$I->grabWordPressAuthCookie($pattern = null);

$I->grabWordPressLoginCookie($pattern = null);

all of them pretty clear in their scope. While I could work on the concept more and add “sugar” methods I think the methods above in conjunction with the recently added grabCookiesWithPattern method are a solid base covering all the generic needs I now have.