WordPress loader for functional testing – 03

Going on in my project of integrating WordPress automated testing with Codeception I’ve moved the core files of the suite from its own folder to the one storing my tests; the idea is to simulate what could become an automated Codeception testing setup and mimic that before committing to any module/extension development. Sorta a “make it work on paper first” approach.

Bare bones

Just after the checkout WordPress automated testing suite will come with

  • a fully functional, latest version WordPress installation
  • a config file dedicated to the test (wp-tests-config.php)
  • WordPress team tests
  • PHPUnit configuration files
  • WordPress specific test cases and mock objects

a peek to it on svn will make it clearer.
Of all the above I really need just the second one, the wp-tests-config.php file, and the last.
For a test to be of any relevance the WordPress installation to test will be the one the site/theme/plugin is being developed for, the tests I will add (trusting WordPress team will make an excellent job), PHPUnit will deal with Codeception and test cases and mock objects I will reuse. With this objective I’ve moved some of the contents of the folder I had checked out the SVN repository into to the wordpress test suite I had previously created and ended up with a file tree like

|   wordpress
|   |   includes                // same as original 
|   |   |   bootstrap.php       // same as original 
|   |   _bootstrap.php          //Codeception creation
|   |   WordpressTester.php     //Codeception creation
|   |   wp-tests-config.php     //same as original
|   |   FirstTest.php           //my creation

What the original phpunit.xml.dist file did was simply loading in the bootstrap and setting some PHPUnit related values; that duty is now taken by Codeception created _bootstrap.php file


// Here you can initialize variables that will be available to your tests
$wpIncludesPath = dirname(__FILE__) . '/includes';
$bootstrapFile = "$wpIncludesPath/bootstrap.php";
include_once $bootstrapFile;

that will take care of doing just that. WordPress tests very own original bootstrap.php file will take care of loading the wp-tests-config.php file and load WordPress.
The last piece of the puzzle lies in pointing the wp-tests-config.php file to load my WordPress installation of choice and that I will do that modifying the first line of the file (in my current set up WordPress is in a parent folder of the plugin under development)


/* Path to the WordPress codebase you'd like to test. Add a backslash in the end. */
$wpPath = dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))))));
define('ABSPATH', $wpPath . '/');

// Test with multisite enabled.

Ready to roll

Now that the wires are connected I should be able to run my FirstTest again


class FirstTest extends \PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase

     * @test
     * it should strip all tags
    public function it_should_strip_all_tags()
        $in = '<p>some</p>';
        $expected = 'some';
        $this->assertEquals($expected, wp_strip_all_tags($in));

     * @test
     * it should add and get an option
    public function it_should_add_and_get_an_option()
        add_option('someOption', 'foo');
        $this->assertEquals('foo', get_option('someOption'));

running, at the command line

phpunit --color --bootstrap tests/wordpress/_bootstrap.php tests/wordpress/FirstTest.php

will result in a passed and in a failed test. Running the test using PHPUnit test case will not handle the database making the second test fail

Thou shall use the proper test case

Simply changing the first line of the test above to use the WP_UnitTestCase will fix the issue


class FirstTest extends \WP_UnitTestCase

taking care of proper database handling. Running tests using WP_UnitTestCase will make all tests pass Running the test in Codeception like this

codecept run wordpress

will instead result in a message about the missing WP_UnitTestCase class.

What’s happening to bootstraps?

Shouldn’t WordPress test original bootstrap take care of including the WP_UnitTestCase class? It does in PHPUnit but not in Codeception.
After a quick search it seems to be a Codeception issue that’s fixed “manually” loading the suite bootstrap file in the tests case like

require_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/_bootstrap.php';

class FirstTest extends \WP_UnitTestCase

and running codeception again will result in green lights. Green lights in Codeception


I will leave bug resolution to developers better than me and will move into the first attempt of a Codeception integration of the suite.