WP REST API Query Demo Theme 02

More demonstrations in the demo theme.

More options?

I’ve put a demonstration WordPress theme on GitHub for a complimentary use of the WordPress REST API plugin — WordPress Plugins”), the REST Query plugin and the Handlebars.js and handlebars.php template engines.
While that works I’ve been asked about other similar solutions that would rely on templating engines that have a JavaScript and a PHP version.

Two worlds

I like the idea of making something that, in its technical demonstration nature, is not an expression of my own flow preference.
I love Handlebars and use it when I can but alternatives exist.
Here’s a quick list drafted with a quick Google search:

  • Mustache has PHP and JS versions
  • Smarty has PHP and JS versions
  • Underscore has PHP and JS versions
  • Twig has PHP and JS versions

I guess there are way more but that’s a good start.


I will extend and modify the theme to allow the user the template engine choice.
That will be pointless on a visual level as the purpose is exactly to have output equality.
Yet it will be a good research to do.