WPBrowser bootstrap commands updated

I’ve updated WPBrowser commands to streamline the WordPress and Codeception test set up process.

Time passes

It’s been a while WP Browser was released and I’ve been using it in almost any project I was allowed to; in the meanwhile Codeception was updated and the two command line tools WPBrowser shipped with were left behind.
My recent experience tells me much of the hassle testing code creates comes from tangled and difficult set up procedures and Codeception solved that problem implementing its command line tools; a quick command like

codecept bootstrap

will take care of setting up the three testing suites and after some configuration be ready to test code.
With the same spirit I had created wpcept to allow three useful commands to be available when dealing with WordPress themes or plugins:

wpcept bootstrap

wpcept bootstrap:pyramid

wpcept generate:wpunit  ...

and while the latter one continued working the other two were miserably failing since Codeception update.

Updated bootstrap procedures

I’ve pushed version 1.6.0 to GitHub to address that issue and put some experience into it.
Rather than distributing module configurations in each suite YAML file (unit.suite.yml, functional.suite.yml and so on) the bootstrap commands will put sample configurations for all the modules WPBrowser features in the global codeception.yml file; copying, pasting and overriding from there is way easier.