WPBrowser interactive bootstrap out

WPBrowser new interactive bootstrap process is good enough to ship.

A long work

I’ve started working on wp-browser interactive bootstrap some 1 month and a half ago as a requirement for the work on the wp-cli wp-browser based test scaffolding command and, in a way not dissimilar to nested function calls, I’m shipping it first.
There is not much to say about the feature per se but that it tries to fill the gap between the experienced approach of a developer used to configuring Codeception and wp-browser and the trial-and-error approach that not everyone might have the time and patience to go through.

The mandatory gif

Here is a gif of the script in action; all it takes is to run wpcept bootstrap --interactive to get a lot of information about the setup:

wpcept interactive bootstrap run

On GitHub

Bootstrap interactive mode is packed into wp-browser version 1.17.0.


I will close the other loop next.