WPBrowser scaffold WP-CLI command 06

First version of a wp-browser based wp-cli command is almost there.

Nearly there

The development expedition that saw me trying to implement an interactive mode to scaffold plugin tests based on Codeception and wp-browser seems to be near its end.
After some code bashing on wp-cli to put in place the first prototype of a WP CLI WPBrowser specific extension I’ve moved back to wp-browser to implement an interactive mode; no reason to do the same job twice.

Interactive it is

As I work the details of the next release of wp-browser its interactive bootstrapping potential is on master already; the way to use it is the usual call with an additional flag:

wpcept bootstrap --interactive

The command will ask a series of questions to put the tests in place and leave the user with some “Getting started” instructions. wpcept interactive mode output

Catching up on the wp-cli front

My lack of experience using Behat slowed the development cycle but the wp-cli package too is catching up: wpbrowser based tests scaffold output


I will put the code in a working state and publish it to then move to a theme specific integration.