WPLoader separated installation process 01

A small and significant update to one of the most used modules in the the suite.

Isolated installation for WPLoader module

As announced in a previous post I’ve worked to restore, in the WPLoader module part of wp-browser, an isolated process installation routine.
This is, in fact, a return to what the Core PhpUnit test suite does and for a good reason.
WordPress relies on many constants and globals to define its state and is far from being a compartmentalized application relying on request parameters and the database state only: due to this installing WordPress in the same scope as the tests poses some further challenges and can lead to unwanted side effects.
While small this is quite a revolution for the module that could break some tests but has the potential of avoiding many headaches in the future once issues and problems are solved.


I’m continuing the work on a WordPress functional tests dedicated module and will move that code forward.