First version of WordPress plugin boilerplate template out

Yesterday I’ve put online, on GitHub, the first version of a refined and less specialized version of 10up’s WordPress plugin template merged with Tom McFarlin’s plugin boilerplate. The template is lightly tested but since I mentioned it in a previous post I thought I could as well share and get some flaming feedback.
The template creates a working scaffold for an absolutely empty but “working” plugin. The plugin comes with bare-bones structure and not sporting any feature like options framework and so on.
Sure next step is adding PHPUnit testing classes and files out of the box to be able to use grunt to watch the plugin folder and run PHPUnit tests any time a file is modified.
I’m planning to keep the template updated as I find bugs and am moderately open to suggestions that fall under the rule of “doing one thing well”.
The template is, of course, meant to be used with grunt-init.
Happy automation!