Moving to Composer and Packagist

I’ve read this article by Smashing Magazine and fell in love with the idea of a less messy and manual download based dependency management for WordPress plugins and themes.
I’ve put together a quasi working version of it but being anchored by the main library I use, the one I wrote, for much of my plugin and theme development was an issue.
In what will be a two day effort (I hope so) I will split my library plugin into four smaller packages and will put them on Packagist to be able to kickstart plugin and theme development in as little time as possible using Composer.

Utils and helpers

Two out of four are there already and I will be maintaing those in place of the plugin library.
What’s now available via Packagist are the classes I base almost all of my testing on, tdd-helpers, and some utility classes to make working with WordPress faster, wp-utils.

GitHub as well

Being on Packagist those packages are available on GitHub too: wp-utils and tdd-helpers.


Next packages in line are Headway and WordPress wrappers (along with the controls seen in a previous post).