Specify sublime specs

I’ve grown fond of PHPSpec and the way it “forces” me to write almost logic-less constructors.
I wanted something like testify to make writing specs as easy as possible and came up with Specify.


The plugin allows writing specs using natural language like

given ClassOne $classOne
given ClassTwo $classtwo
it should do something
it should not do something
it should do something with a really long explanation

to have an output like

function it_should_do_something(ClassOne $classOne, ClassTwo $classtwo)

function it_should_not_do_something(ClassOne $classOne, ClassTwo $classtwo)

function it_should_do_something_with_a_really_long_explanation(ClassOne $classOne, ClassTwo $classtwo)

The “given” lines are optional and are there to specify dependencies for the __construct method.
To activate the plugin select the natural language lines, bring up the Command Palette and run

Specify - create PHPSpec specs methods from selection

The plugin is way less “intelligent” than testify is and will do just that. Right now the plugin is available on GitHub and will be available via Package Control soon.