WordPress Db Codeception module - 02

I’ve decided to work on the WPDb Codeception module to complete a fully working first iteration of it to use in my imminent test writing and am slowly getting my head around Codeception modules mechanics and how much “sugar” I want to trade with customization possibility.
As a first more meaningful step I’ve tackled the users table and added two small methods to add and check for a user at database level; in an acceptance test loading the WPDb module

$I = new AcceptanceTester($scenario);

$I->wantTo('create and check for a user');

// create a subscriber user with user login and id as bare minimum parameters
$I->haveUserInDatabase('someUser', 100);

// check for created user 
$I->seeUserInDatabase(array('user_login' => 'someUser', 'ID' => 100));

the haveUserInDatabase method will take care of a lot of default values and will add queries, using Codeception Db module methods, to insert user meta as well. The full signature for the method is

public function haveUserInDatabase($user_login, $user_id, $role = 'subscriber', Array $userData = []);

while the checking methods is way simpler. While led by immediate needs for a quicker way to write WordPress specific acceptance and functional tests I’m also trying to develop something that will suite my, and maybe someone else’s, needs in the future.


The updated-as-I-work-on-it module is on Packagist and source is on GitHub.